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Coleham Fish Bar

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avatar Visitor's review
The premises is very clean and the staff are very welcoming. The food is beautiful and well cooked. The batter on the fish is crispy and no matter when u enter this chip shop the food always looks fresh! The portions are very generous and the prices are small.

avatar Julian's review
We quite often get fish and chips from here on a summer evening. Park on Greyfriars Road and then take a short stroll across the footbridge and along Victoria Avenue to eat them by the river. Very generous portions, nice chips and good fish.

avatar Visitor's review
quite simply the best chippy in town! never disappoints unlike other chip shops. The shop is very clean and a warm welcome from the staff. The food is delicious and great value for money. Highly recommended.

avatar local's review
The best chip shop in town the food is excellent and the service is very good, quick and with a smile. Well done! I would highly recommend!

avatar Jason's review
Great fish and chips. Very good service. Will definitely return.

avatar John's review
Food is good. Much prefer to other chip shops.

avatar Bob's review
I would recommend this chip shop.

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Coleham Fish Bar Reviewed by John on . Food is good. Much prefer to other chip shops. Rating: 5

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