restaurant food

restaurant icon 45 Restaurants

Book a table at your favourite restaurant in town. We also include some of the best restaurants in rest of Shropshire.
Shrewsbury Restaurants

green olives

jam icon 22 Specialist Food Producers

In this section you will find pies, chocolates, oils, pickles, smoked good and so much more!
Specialist Foods

coffee beans in a cafe

coffee icon 49 Cafes

Cafes serve as great places to stop for a rest with a hot drink and a bite to eat. There is plenty of choice.

pub food

beer icon 40 Food Pubs

Town centre and destination pubs. The following establishments are listed because of their great food.
Pub Food


sandwiches icon 21 Sandwich Shops

Sandwich shops open all the time in Shrewsbury, but some have developed a great reputation with lunch time crowd.
Sandwich Shops

farm shop food

onion icon 33 Farm Shops

There is no better way to buy your food than straight from the farm. Our county has some amazing farm shops.
Farm Shops

indian food curry

peppers icon 23 Indian Restaurants

Everyone loves a curry. Some are OK for a late Friday night feed. Others are offering memorable food.
Indian Restaurants

chinese food

prawn crackers icon 39 Chinese, Japanese & Asian Restaurants

As well as the array of Chinese takeaways, we have Japanese and Asian influenced Australian food in town!
Chinese and Asian Restaurants

italian food

pizza icon 15 Italian Restaurants

Pizza restaurants and traditional trattorias offering classic Italian staples with passion. Meravigliosoa!
Italian Restaurants

fish and chips

chips icon 23 Fish and Chips

The humble chip shops of Shrewsbuy serve up portions of cod and chips to the faithful every week.
Fish and Chips

fast food

burger icon 15 Fast Food

Chasing the pub and lunch crowd, these fast food bars serve up cheap, tasty and addictive food.
Fast Food


waiter icon 10 Caterers

A full list of caterers in Shropshire offering catering for weddings and parties throughout the year.
Shropshire Caterers

fish at the fishmongers

fish icon 4 Fishmongers & Fish Restaurants

Traditional fishmongers, fish restaurants, and seafood bars offer some fantastic sea creatures for our tables.

bread at the bakery

bread icon 4 Bakeries

Freshly baked bread, pastries and pies are an art form and we have some real masters in Shrewsbury.


cheese icon 6 Cheese Makers

As a nation we have a wealth of cheeses, and here in Shropshire we are doing our bit too!
Cheese Makers

meat from the butcher

sausages icon 17 Butchers

Support the local economy buying great cuts of meat and offal from your local butchers.

supermarket trolleys

trolley icon 9 Supermarkets

Push a trolley around your nearest supermarket in Shrewsbury.
Shrewsbury Supermarkets