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Who are they

Appleyards are a small but beautifully formed deli at the top of Wyle Cop in the heart of Shrewsbury. If the medieval style windows do not catch your eye as you walk past, the huge array of delicious deli food certainly will. On a lunch time or Saturday you will often struggle to find standing room among the many other people who have stopped to eat with their eyes.

What do they offer

Inside there isn't much space to move so if you are going in to browse, prepare to be in people's way. The centre of the floor space is filled with food, as are the floor to ceiling shelves opposite the counter. From the ceiling hang salamis and preserved hams, and the bulk of the counter is filled with cheese from every corner of the UK and France.

Why do we like them

Appleyards is a Shrewsbury institution. You wouldn't be surprised if someone told you it was the first business to open in Shrewbury nor if they claimed it will be the last one standing. Along with their sister shop, Cook and Carve, in the Market Hall, they offer a bewildering choice of deli essentials, perfect for any gourmet. We also like that they stock plenty of items from small local producers such as cheeses and beers.

One of those delicatessens that makes you stop outside and gaze in through the window. Filled with cured meats, cheeses, jars of olives and a whole lot more. A Shrewsbury institution.

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avatar Julian's review
Appleyards proved too strong for Ludlow's Deli on the Square which opened a branch in Shrewsbury a few yards away from Appleyards, on Fish Street. Deli on the Square didn't last very long before closing. Appleyards is still Shrewsbury's number one Deli. The window display for a start is something that will draw you in. It's worth standing across the road for a few minutes and watch people passing by. Not many of them can resist looking in the window, and the massive majority who do will stop walking for a proper look. That's the sign of a great high street shop. The top of Wyle Cop is always busy with pedestrians, making Applyards a great location for a deli. The window is very seasonal, filled with Italian panettone Christmas cakes or chocolate easter eggs, huge merengues and paella pans (the one inside above the counter has to be seen to be believed) and of course bowl after bowl of stuffed olives and peppers.

If you are standing outside looking through the window and someone opens the door, you can guarantee that heady aroma will convince you to take a browse inside. Floor to ceiling you will find everything you would expect to find in a good delicatessen. And if you can get near to the counter your eyes won't know what to look at first as the staff ask if they can help you from behind the riot of salami and cheeses. Appleyards also have to be applauded for their support for local producers such as Mr Moyden's Cheeses based in Newport and Monkhide Country Wines of Hereford. Appleyards also have a stall in the Pannier Market.

avatar Ron Morgan's review
Have always admired and appreciated the window display and called in today to a very busy shop, it really is a cornucopia of culinary delights a sort of deli equivalent to the old ironmongers where you can get most foods you might expect any deli in the world to have.

Great friendly, knowledgeable service and despite my trio of disparate requests they had them all ......brilliant! Long may they prosper and may their business flourish!

avatar Spike and Cymraes's review
Appleyards bacon is THE BEST in our opinion in the COUNTRY!

We've travelled quite a bit around the UK and have yet to find a bacon to beat Appleyards! This is bacon as it used to be when I was a child; it FRIES not boils and the flavour is superb! If nothing else get some smoked streaky for a tasty treat either as a classic bacon butty or with pasta and home made tomato sauce or in a fry up - you can't beat it!

avatar Maggie Stone's review
Bought the best pork pie ever! The pastry was thick but oh, so tasty it was great!
Bought Brie, Cheddar and the most brilliant Hopwood something or other which was wonderful. I just wish the guy behind the counter was a bit more pleasant. Please smile and promote your wonderful produce. We'll be back and hope your business has the most wonderful success! x

avatar Bernie & Viv's review
Bought some superb cheeses - but when we got home the wrapping doesn't tell us which ones they are!!! Also, way to much sellotape on the packages!

Apart from that, excellent shop, outstanding range of foods & very helpful staff.

We now have two good reasons for coming back to Shrewsbury!!

avatar Michelob's review
Another wonderful Shrewsbury institution deserving of the highest praise. Rare cheeses like Cotherstone or Swaledale sheeps cheese, homemade flans, nougat, olive oils of the finest provenance. Ye gads for someone trying to lose weight - an impossible task when browsing the shelves here.

avatar Michaelob's review
Appleyards is a necessary stop for hungry caterpillars. I love cheese plain and simple and I live to visit this place, just to remind myself that North Yorks/County Durham does have a cheesy future in Cotherstone (yummy). Another Gem of a Place.

avatar MJ's review
Very good selection of cheeses and all sorts of other stuff from cold meats to chocolate, paella pans to pumpkin seeds and various gourmet store cupboard treats with an emphasis on British and Mediterranean products. The best deli in Shropshire?

avatar amber's review
i know this shop verywell as my gran is the owner an i love all the reviews so thatnk u so much everyone an everybody is welcome inside for some lovely food thank u for all our loyal customers an yes deffiantly the best in shrewsbury

avatar Richard's review
An excellent deli, top class bacon and cheese and an eclectic mix of quality comestibles. All served by courteous friendly staff. I've been a regular customer for 6 years and have never been disappointed!

avatar Visitor's review
appleyards is a lovely shop with lovely people all its cheese and meat are very nice...the market hall is lovely too. i dont know how anybody can say its bad...

avatar H & K's review
What a wonderful experience! Excellent choice, friendly, helpful staff and stuffed with delights for all the senses. It's a pleasure just to stand and stare!

avatar Visitor's review
how can you say the bread it stale tj when it is supposed to be hard bread to toast.... the cheese is a regular...lovely service

avatar Chas's review
Always been 100% satisfied, whether at Wyle Cop shop or Market Hall. Great products, friendly efficient staff - that sums it up!

avatar Sue Tortoise's review
They have a stall in Shrewsbury's indoor market, too. It's a great place for discovering interesting cheeses.

avatar Visitor's review
The best corner shop in the world!
Kat, Wyle Cop

avatar Faith Louise's review
Appleyards simply only one word. Excellent.

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