Location: Castle Gates
01743 352279

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Castle Banquet

Sandwich shop offering hot and cold sandwiches. Very popular for its hot roast pork sandwiches which you cannot help seeing and smelling as you walk up from the station.

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avatar Owd Bizzylad's review
A outstanding plethora of edibles and savouries from Ron Lenny Miller and the gang. Always very friendly and ques are at a minimum. The Honey Mustard Chicken and Bacon Bap is a favourite of mine and very reasonably priced too. Top eatery easily the finest sandwich outlet within the loop of the river. WELL DONE LENNY OWD COCKER MUCKER MON!!!!!!!!!!!

avatar Julian's review
Assuming you aren't a vegetarian, I challenge you to walk past this little shop with the steaming joints of roast meat in the window without feeling hungry. A great piece of marketing by who ever owns this place. I failed to resist a hot pork sandwich with stuffing and apple sauce. And I will probably fail again soon because it was very good.

avatar Visitor's review
I am a great believer in customer service, and this little sandwich shop has it all, excellent customer service, very tasty food and very good value. The hot roast is like no other. quick service and always with a smile. I would strongly recommend a visit to Castle Banquet

avatar Chris Palmer's review
I work in the town center and consider myself a conissour of the sandwich shops in the area. Castle Banquet is great value for money, EXCELLENT food (The pork and apple sauce baps are second to none!)and the staff are allways friendly. Reccomend to anyone in shrewsbury!!

avatar Natalie R's review
Always fantastic service, gorgeous food and huge portions! Jackets are always big and the home made coleslaw is to die for! Absolutely love the staff always make me laugh n feel very welcome! An absolute must for anyone eating in Shrewsbury!!

avatar Jane D's review
One of the great things about Castle Banquet, is that if you walk by in the early morning, and the door is open, no matter if it's 7am, you can get a GREAT bacon sarnie on the way to the train. The pork sandwiches at lunch time hit the spot.

avatar Snapper's review
Cracking value for money, excellent service and the food is as fresh as a daisy and prepared in front of you, not in a dingy cellar like the place the other side of the road! Well done all!

avatar Visitor's review
Great place with plenty of selection of food, reasonably priced and always served with a smile.

avatar Sue Tortoise's review
The hot pork, sausage or bacon baps are excellent value for money. Friendly people.

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