Location: Bromfield
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Ludlow Food Centre

Indoor farm shop with huge selection of local produce.

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avatar Julian's review
I called into the Ludlow Food Centre on my way back from Hereford last Sunday. The concept is fantastic and it is satisfying so see how well they have designed and built the centre. As you go through the door there are a big pile of wicker baskets and I would advise you to take a couple as it is likely you'll fill the first one before you are even half way through the shop. The layout is like a large deli, with a meat and cheese counter on the back wall. As you walk around you are given glimpses through glass windows into some of the eight food production facilities that are based at the centre. So while you are browsing the vast selection of local ales and ciders, you can watch the cheese being made in the dairy next door. Not everything on the premises is locally produced, but a lot of it is. For example, home made Shropshire Fidget Pie. Pastry filled with Gloucester Old Spot bacon, reared on the estate, local cider, local mustard and topped with a mashed potato crust made from freshly dug Shropshire potatoes. Shropshire on a plate! The queue to get in before opening time on Sunday morning was testament to how good this place is. The meat counter seemed to be the most popular and we were pleasantly surprised to be able to buy award winning sausages for almost half the price you would pay for basic bangers in the supermarket. A lot of people have the conception that farm shops are expensive. I think a lot of people would be surprised. The Ludlow Food Centre is a bit of a journey from Shrewsbury, but I shall only be needing the slightest excuse to visit again.

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