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Okra eat plants

We welcome positive feedback for any of the food businesses in Shrewsbury and Shropshire that we have listed. Below you will find a list of reviews for Okra eat plants. If you agree that Okra eat plants offers good food, please add your own recommendation using the short form on this page.

avatar Liz from Suffolk's review
There are plenty of cafes to choose from in Shrewsbury, and as coffee fanatics we should have tried more than one during our short stay. However, we enjoyed our lunch in Arthur's so much on the first day that we returned for another on the second.
The coffee and mocha are superb, and the food delicious. Pity we live 180 miles away!

avatar Visitor's review
Fantastic Homemade Sausages and Bacon. Roger Gough is possibly the best Butcher in the country at the moment! Cannot recommend this butcher enough!

avatar Visitor's review
the best breakfast in shrewsbury

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