Location: Butcher Row
01743 236654

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Fantastic sandwich shop. Not cheap but worth every penny. The plated displays of fillings on offer will make your mouth water and make it impossible to decide.

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avatar Julian's review
Sandwiches don't come much better than Philpotts sandwiches. If you haven't had the pleasure then put it near the top of your list. I have been in the Shrewsbury branch lots of times, and before that I used to visit the Manchester branch. They are on the expensive side, but if you aren't on a tight sandwich budget then get yourself across to Butcher Row and into the queue that will nearly always stretch towards the door. The phrase "spoilt for choice" could have been coined for this shop. The trick, if you aren't in a hurry yourself, is to stand near the back and let other more decisive people go in front of you until you are sure you know what you want.

There are two ways to choose. The first involves the clear menu above and behind the counter and the smaller, less easy to read chalk board. The second, and much more fun, is to just feast your eyes on the plates loaded with delicious sandwich fillings on the counter. After making your choice of filling you will be asked what you want it on, bread, barms, baps, baguettes, and various other bread shaped products, and then you will be asked whether you want spread or oil. You'll see something you fancy but anything with avocado or chicken tikka usually does it for me.

avatar Sally Ann 's review
Woweeee had the best dressed crab ever here today even better the guy that served me made it to perfection tony you were right crab was amazing

avatar Keith 's review
Amazing steak here today with mushrooms and onions plus Sara gave me a hearty topping of Philpotts amazing mustard sauce

avatar Alan tray or's review
What a gem of a place loving the ready mades in counter beats queuing and at last a manager who knows his stuff

avatar Aber's review
Service is great and food is wonderful! Keep an eye out for Barry...mmmm...!

avatar Aber's review
Service is great and food is wonderful! Keep an eye out for Barry...mmmm...!

avatar Claire dales's review
Whoop had a turkey bacon emethal today mmm with a ton of cranberry sauce.

avatar Louis 's review
I'm loving the hot chicken now mint yoghurt ,crispy onions whoop whoop

avatar Visitor's review
Defiantly worth every penny, you most certainly get what you pay for.

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