Location: 131 Hereford Road
01743 231231

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Indian restuarant and takeaway. A charming owner and good food at great prices.

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avatar Ivan Bullard's review
On Tuesday me my wife my father in law and sister went Christmas shopping in Shrewsbury. Later on we decided to have an Indian meal we then asked two local people where is the best local Indian resturent, they both told us to go to Shalimar in Abbey Forgate. We went to Abbey Forgate and we found Shalimar, we went in and we had a very friendly welcome by the waiters. We told them that we didnt book a table is there any table for four. Then the waiter checked his booking diary and came back and they said they could manage a table for four. The second waiter came and said to us shall I hang your coats then we gave our coats and shopping bags to them then we sat down. The waiter came and asked us,if we would like any papadoms we ordered four papadoms. The waiter then asked us if we wanted any drinks I asked if they had any Indian beer then the waiter said we have indraft kingfisher larger and in bottle cobra. We ordered two bottles of cobras and two pints of kingfisher. Our papodams came with chatni tray then our drink came we started to eat in a few minutes time the waiter came and asked us if we were ready to order we then ordered for starter onion baji chicken tikaavegtabke porjora and chicken chat. For the main meal we ordered chicken tika masaka chicken jalfrasi chicken bruna and prawn duprza two plour rice one kimmsanan and one garlic nan the waiter then asked if we like any side dishes my wife asked for a sagaloo then the waitetrasked if we wanted any thing else then we said no. Then our starter came we enjoyed our starter then they put the hot trya and new cutlary for the main meal and the waiter asked us if we were ready for the main meal and we replied yes then they bought the msan meals we,enjoyed the meal so much. The spice was perfect the chicken melted in our mouths. When we finished our main meal they bought us oranges and hot towals to clean our hands. Then aftetr hat,they bought us the desert menu but we never bought and desert because we were full. Instead we,ordered four coffes, the coffe came with mint chocolate then the waiter came back and asked us if,we woyul like anything else we said to them we are so full we carnt eat anymore we asked for the bill then the waiter biouht us,the bill with dsme mint chocolate. We looked at the bill and the bill was
64 pound and 30 pence it wadss rth every penny. Then we paid the bill they the bought our ciaoatback and put the coats back on us,and boughts our shopping bags back they opened the door for us,the waiter was so kind so my wife came back and asked,the waiters name he said his name was Abdul we then told him we will see you again and for definate.Me and my whole family are going to visit Shalimar again in the new year but we live in Hereford in Herefordshar.

avatar Julian's review
Located in Shrewsbury's curry mile (Abbey Foregate and Wyle Cop) the Shalimar faces the main entrance to the Abbey. We booked a table on a Friday evening and were invited past the take-away section, past the small, busy and hot looking down stairs dining room to much more appealing upstairs dining room. I hate having to eat in uncomfortable heat so it was a welcome relief to feel the cool breeze from the open windows. The staff were very friendly and quickly brought our drinks and some poppadoms. The usual onions, mango chutney and lime pickle were accompanied by a delicious light lemon sauce which I hadn't had before. There was a very good selection of main courses and side dishes which left me in the usual 'what shall I have' quandary. Chicken Rogon and mushroom pilau were very good indeed. The rice contained plenty of big bits of mushroom rather than just the usual mushroom flavouring. The curry was fruity and spicy with lots of tomato and chicken. I was told that they do great onion bhaji, though I have to admit I forgot to order any. The Bombay Potato wasn't anything to write home about, but the saag aloo was better. Friendly staff, great location (ask for a table upstairs), great food, Indian music, quick and efficient service and very reasonable prices. Four poppadoms, two mains, rice, naan, two side dishes, two drinks for 22. Definitely worth a visit if you fancy a quick tasty curry in town.

avatar Andy Wood's review
On a sub zero degree
Monday evening you could excuse any place for being quiet, but not so at the Shalimar, It was almost full. And I can see why as the staff are very pleasant as well as the food being excellent. But that's not all, The Shalimar is doing a fantastic deal of 3 course for only £10. Now it's not one of those £10 deals where you can only pick a few of the cheaper dishes like you see in a lot of places, Everything on the menu is fair play, Even the more expensive king Prawn and special dishes. I had the "Chicken Shashlick" for starter which I can highly recommend and the "Chefs Special Chicken" as a main which I would of liked more spiced but was very tasty. Next time I will the "Tikka Pathia" which the staff tell me is plenty spicy, and that won't be too long I'm sure.

avatar Visitor's review
We have just moved to shrewsbury and thankfully shalimar is our closest curry house. We now make it a weekly fixture because:

They serve excellent, delicious food.

Their staff are really friendly and will accomodate you any which way.

The price is excellent.

Case in point, last night there was the smallest mix up with a table and we had to be moved. Three people apologised and the manager gave us a bottle of wine on the way out for our trouble.

Actions like this mean we didn't just have a great curry, we had a great meal. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Shalimar as the best curry house in shrewsbury.

avatar Nelsthebass's review
Ate here last night - what can I say apart from what fantastic value! Four of us dined, using their £27.95 menu for two offer - Poppadum, any starter, any mains, rice or naan each plus a bottle of wine - brilliant. Food was excellent quality, not overfacing quantities and the staff were attentive without being in your face. Well worth a visit and I will certainly be looking to go back when next in Shrewsbury.

avatar Daz's review
We always eat at the Shalimar (eat in and takeaway) the takeaway is amazing quality and to eat in is a pleasure.friendly polite staff who cant do enough for you and are knowledgeable about the food. Couldn't recommend highly enough best indian by far!

avatar Visitor's review
I only used the take-out service, but it was top quality. The staff were very friendly, the food was delicious. The atmosphere chilled out and not a bad price at all. Thank you very much!

avatar andy's review
The food was divine. Loved it could eat there again a million times. The spices were perfect. I definitely coming again with my friends and family.

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