Location: 11a Lyth Hill Road
01743 873226

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Star Kitchen

Chinese takeaway food.

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avatar Suzie's review
I think the food is fabulous each time if you have a doubt they always sort it out I live in dorrington and always have the food delievered it is always quick still hot and never let me down I've tried never enough slot of different Chinese from everywhere in England and by far star kitchen Is the best. Always happy and satify the customers I highly recommend

avatar Visitor's review
The best around!!!!! Would recommend. I moved to Yockleton and still travel all the way back just to go there.

avatar P. Allen's review
Great food, Great service and great prices. Very polite and pleased to serve you. Best in Shrewsbury

avatar steve smith's review
speaks very good english, excellent food, cooking times spot-on, would recommend, first class

avatar Paige 's review
I would recommend this place. The food is the best.

avatar Joe 's review
Used many times for delivery and always good.

avatar Visitor's review
Best chinese in shrewsbury

avatar Glen's review
The place is great

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