Location: 21 Castle Street
01743 357198

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The Little Gourmet

This sandwich shop always used to market itself as the last chance of food before the station. No longer the case but still seems to do a good trade.

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avatar Julian's review
This neighbourhood sandwich shop on Castle Street, just up the road from the library and almost opposite the entrance to the castle, always has a good choice of freshly made fillings for its good value sandwiches, which are made up for you while you wait. They also offer hot pork and hot sausage baps, a salad bar and a choice of tempting cakes: the millionaire's shortbread is particularly good.

avatar Carol's review
first of all I had a beautiful sandwich from this shop, freshness at 2 in the afternoon and the service was lovely,but is also in need for improvement, hurd its being sold so lets hope it does not change the charactor of the shop and can only get better,although I have tried the castle banquet I was not greeted in the same way, I felt like I was at a petrol station?? next please

avatar Julian's review
The menu wasn't huge but they seemed to have enough choice to satisfy most people. My turkey, stuffing and apple sauce sandwich tasted good.

avatar sedrick's review
amazing food, alot better than the greasy food at the castle banquet, baps are alot nicer, lovely bacon rolls

avatar librarian's review
i have had my lunch from here for 10 years the food is fresh and is cooked as you want it.

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