Location: 4 Frankwell
01743 351192

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Food Types > Fish and Chip Shops > Little Boro Fish and Chip Cafe

Little Boro Fish and Chip Cafe

Chip shop takeaway.

We welcome positive feedback for any of the food businesses in Shrewsbury and Shropshire that we have listed. Below you will find a list of reviews for Little Boro Fish and Chip Cafe. If you agree that Little Boro Fish and Chip Cafe offers good food, please add your own recommendation using the short form on this page.

avatar Thomas and Charlie, Ingrams Hall's review
Spiffingly brill service, top notch. The meat feast with the beautifully arranged pieces of pepperoni and the meandering spirals of special sauce is exquisitely orgasmic We recommend this five star restaurant to all our fellow Salopians. Thank you so much to Little Boro. .

avatar Jack from Ingram's's review
Frankly, Frankwell's finest. Can't get over the special sauce. Oh Baby. Order in Turkish and the pizza arrives in 8 minutes and 37 seconds. How can you consider ordering anything else. Boro Seviyorum!

avatar Derrick Derrickson's review
The pizzas. My dear god the pizzas. Never in my life have I had a nicer pizza from a take away, a restaurant, anywhere. Utterly brilliant.

avatar Goose's review
Just left Shreswbury and already missing the Boro. 12" chicken barb, nothing like it. Better than Perfect, Flamers and Star, no contest.

avatar Bertie at Churchills Hall's review
It is the best pizza ever. The special sauce is indescribable. The 12' BBQ chicken is the greatest possible post quod decision!

avatar Ceri price's review
This is the best place in town!
Best pizza,kebab & burger!
Trust me I know!
Fast delivery & great staff ;)

avatar La-A in EDH's review
Lov Boro. Its quick, its cheap, Its really fun to eat. Little Boro, Little Boro.
xoxo La-A Girl

avatar Ben's review
I've hated the summer holidays because of no boro. I crave a chicken barbs. Pablo is #1

avatar George at Shrewsbury school's review
Bloody cheap, bloody quick and deliver to the back of the grove! BRILLIANT

avatar Steve's review
Very good value for money, excellent pizzas. The calzone is super

avatar Alfie's review
Pablo delivers the best pizzas in town 24/7. 5 stars!!

avatar Visitor's review
best pizzas in town and quick delivery too

avatar Visitor's review
Would definitely use again. Good food.

avatar Mark's review
Very nice pizza and would recommend.

avatar Visitor's review
Great Pizza.

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