Location: 53 Monkmoor Rd
01743 368400

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Monkmoor Fish Bar

Fish and Chip Shop.

We welcome positive feedback for any of the food businesses in Shrewsbury and Shropshire that we have listed. Below you will find a list of reviews for Monkmoor Fish Bar. If you agree that Monkmoor Fish Bar offers good food, please add your own recommendation using the short form on this page.

avatar A Local's review
We've been going to this place as long as I've lived hear - 13 years - I find it's one of the best I've ever been to. Hands down. One in Kendal (Lake District) came close, but no cigar.

Decent prices - they've gone up a little steeply in my opinion.

Great service, very friendly manager (who takes great pride in working there and greeting customers).

Good quality chips - real potatoes. Their sausage is excellent too - I never find any of that 'grissle' stuff which when bitten is like biting on stone. Tastes good.

Luckily, I live 2 minutes away (walk) - but there is even a car park (only space for 4/5 cars) which may be a problem for some. However, there are parking spaces just opposite the road - twenty seconds walk away. It's easy to find too. Opposite a Spar, which is also convenient.

Going there now to get some chips!
Have recommended to many people.

avatar Visitor's review
Consistently good products. After moving from Monkmoor to Bayston Hill we still travel to Monkmoor chippie rather than use our local chippie and you never know what your going to get.
With Monkmoor chippie you KNOW you'll get what you want every time.

avatar Local resident's review
Consistently one of the best fish and chip shops in Shrewsbury. Product is always good quality and well cooked by a very friendly team from Greece. The shop is nearly always busy, a good sign of it's popularity.

avatar Visitor's review
Always a high standard of service! great staff, polite and friendly! always clean and tidy which shows in their great food!

avatar Visitor's review
This chip shop does not alter, great owners and the quality of the food is always first class.

avatar Visitor's review
always the best chippy in shrewsbury

avatar www.best-of-shropshire.co.uk's review
Totally the BEST chippy!

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